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Liberia: Creation of a national coordination center of the response mechanism


The Liberian Senate plenary passed a bill establishing the National Coordination Center for Response Mechanisms (NCCRM).

The decision of the Senate plenary session was triggered in the last session of August 26, 2021 by a report of the joint committee on the Commission and the autonomous agencies and the judiciary as well as on human rights, complaints and petitions recommending the approval of Senators for the establishment of the Center.

According to the Senate press release, the bill was submitted to the Liberian Senate by President George M. Weah and then forwarded to the Joint Committee for consideration, advice and recommendation for future action by the Senate plenary.

The Center in question, according to the Joint Committee, was established in July 2016 by the Government of Liberia by Executive Decree No. 76 in response to Article 58 (f) of the 1993 ECOWAS Revised Treaty on Regional Security. . As a result, Executive Decree No.88 was extended on September 17, 2017 by promulgating Executive Decree No.88 for another year, the committee noted.

In its report, the Joint Committee acknowledged that, based on the mandate of the Plenary, it invited the Head of the ECOWAS Secretariat in Liberia and the current leadership of the National Coordination Center of the Rapid Response Mechanism, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs at a hearing to motivate the creation of the said institution.

The center, once enacted, will focus on six thematic areas, including governance and human rights, gender, security, crime and criminality, health and the environment.

During deliberations, the Joint Committee agreed that statutory members of the Board should not be remunerated in any way, while non-statutory members may receive allowances and per diems, members of the Board of the Center should be odd (unequal) members and that the Executive Director and two Deputy Executive Directors, one for administration and one for operations, will hold a position subject to confirmation by the Senate and not to the will and good pleasure of the president.

“After a careful review of the bill, the joint commission found that the Center had been operational since November 4, 2017, but was officially launched on February 6, 2018. The government of Liberia adopted by the Chief Authority of the ECOWAS State issued Decrees No. 76 and No. 88 to establish the NCCRM, “the joint committee stressed.

In conclusion, the joint committee in its recommendation mentioned in the report that with the modifications, the conclusions showed sufficient justifications for the adoption of the law “the law establishing the National Coordination Center of Response Mechanisms (NCCRM) .

The passage, however, was beset by a reconsideration motion from Sinoe County Senator J. Milton Teahjay. The said motion is expected to be judged today August 31, 2021 for the final decision of the bill.

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