Here are the top ten trusted adult role models for kids.

Lionesses Leah Williamson and Beth Mead top a list of female role models for young people.

Following their resounding success at the Women’s Euros, the duo took first and second place in the top 20 confidence-building icons, ahead of Harry Potter star Emma Watson and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Building trust is vital

The survey of 1,000 parents, caregivers and guardians of children aged 3-6 also found that 72% believe their young children are, or were, worried about starting school, with 51% of parents also sharing this anxiety.

As a result, 74% are looking for advice to help build their children’s confidence, while 65% of parents are looking for role models for their children.

The research was commissioned to mark the launch of Ultimate Princess Celebration: Time to Shine – a new model-led initiative created by Disney Princess and educational charity The Female Lead.

Led by Lioness Captain Leah Williamson, the campaign aims to inspire and build confidence in young children as they prepare to start school – and in the early years beyond.

self-confidence and perseverance

Leah, who led her team to victory at Euro 2022 and made history by becoming the first English women’s football team to win the international title, said: “The first years at school are exciting.

“I remember it as a moment when I really started to recognize my love for football and how much I loved playing.

“Having the confidence to pursue endeavors is at the heart of all Disney Princess stories – so what better way to inspire young girls than by practicing self-confidence and perseverance, they can be all they are. want to be.”

Disney Princess and The Female Lead have created a series of pep talk and assertive mantra videos featuring the stories of Disney’s Princess characters.

Charity duo pave the way for trust

The Princess Pep speaks cover the themes of adventure, confidence and personal potential to prepare children aged 3 to 6 for their first years of school, using stories based on qualities such as Tiana’s perseverance and the bravery of Rapunzel, as told by teenage YouTubers and authors Kirsten and Aiyven Mbawa, from Northampton.

The sisters, who are published novelists and run Happier Every Chapter, a monthly book subscription service they funded on Kickstarter to promote children’s literacy and diversity, became the first official young leaders of the ‘charity.

Bringing peace to a crushing stage of life

Parenting expert Sue Atkins, who helped co-develop the programme, said: “It is clear that children are going through a crisis of confidence, and our ambition is to help navigate this situation in those who are at the beginning of the first years of education, offering the tools to tackle the problem from the start.

“As children are inspired by role models of confidence and stories of kindness and bravery, I hope this campaign helps them as they enter what can be a crushing stage in life.”

Sarah Fox, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Disney Consumer Products, Games & Publishing EMEA, said, “We know that back to school can be an emotional time for parents and children.

“We hope Ultimate Princess Celebration: Time to Shine and its incredible selection of female role models will inspire kids to find the confidence they possess as they begin a new chapter in their own story – just like the Disney Princesses.”

Top 10 Trusted Adult Role Models For Kids

  1. Lea Williamson
  2. Beth Mead
  3. Emma Watson
  4. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge
  5. Lucia Bronze
  6. Emma Raducanu
  7. Laura Kenny
  8. sky brown
  9. Alex Scott
  10. Ariana Grande

To watch the new Princess Pep Talks, click here.

To see the Disney Princesses’ assertiveness mantras, go to @DisneyFamilyUK.

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