The beauty brand is committed to empowering women to reframe their inner critic and Make confidence-building resources available to everyone at work

JERSEY CITY, NJ, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Computer cosmetics spear Confidence at work, an initiative that builds on the brand’s longstanding mission of empowering women to feel their most confident every day. The new commitment aims to help women reframe their inner critic and build their confidence by providing workplace-related tools and resources, in partnership with the American Confidence Institute. IT Cosmetics is thrilled to announce the founder of the American Confidence Institute, Alyssa Dver, will serve as the brand’s official trusted educator. Together, the brand is proud to take action in the workplace, where 1 in 2 women say they don’t feel confident right now*

Inner criticism can be detrimental to career success – preventing people from seeking promotions, applying for new opportunities, or negotiating their worth. Confidence at Work aims to raise awareness of this crisis of confidence affecting working women while encouraging them to turn the script on the negative voice in their heads, which causes doubt and uncertainty for so many people.

“At IT Cosmetics, we believe that everyone deserves to feel the most confident,” says Amy Wang, US Managing Director, IT Cosmetics. “That’s why we’re excited to expand our confidence-building efforts into the workplace, where so many hard-working women struggle to gain confidence. Our hope is that women feel seen, heard. and supported through the conversation we start and will benefit from the tools and resources we provide.”

“When research from the American Confidence Institute found that women don’t reach their best confidence levels until age 60, we knew it was time to join forces to help shorten that process. “, declares Kristen arrives, SVP of Global Consumer Engagement at IT Cosmetics. “We want women to feel confident when starting, building and sustaining their careers.”

As part of the toolkit available at, IT Cosmetics has partnered with ACI to develop a library of trust-building content. The Toolkit includes a NEW Workplace Confidence video series hosted by Alyssa Dver, which will educate on the science of the brain around building self-confidence and debunk the myths behind real confidence at work. Throughout each episode, women will receive practical advice and empowerment techniques on how to build confidence at work. Additionally, a collection of articles, written by Dver, will focus on relevant themes that women face as they navigate the workplace and their personal ambitions. Article topics include: How to be confident in an interview, the difference between competence and confidence and What comes first – success or confidence?

Next month, IT Cosmetics will launch a personalized confidence self-assessment at work, powered by research and insights from the American Confidence Institute. The assessment will ask questions related to real work scenarios and provide a personalized report with confidence coaching feedback and confidence building tips. The self-assessment will provide personalized analysis – against a score – and is encouraged to be repeated after implementing practical tips and techniques, as a tool to monitor confidence levels over time.

“Confidence isn’t just a buzzword or boosted by someone else’s experience – it’s a skill anyone can learn, at any age, in any career. When someone is confident, they have real influence. They can more easily get what they want, value, and need. Genuine confidence allows for authenticity, trust, and respect. That’s why I think that it’s so important to have confidence at work,” says Dver. “I’ve spent my career helping people, including employees of major Fortune 500 companies, learn how to have real confidence. Now I’m thrilled to partner with IT Cosmetics to give even more women the confidence they need to succeed in the workplace. “

To further support Confidence at Work, IT Cosmetics is partnering with Kiva for the second year in a row. Kiva is an international nonprofit that works to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive through crowdfunded microloans. Departure Wednesday, June 8, 2022IT Cosmetics is fueling women’s confidence with Kiva by combining crowdfunded loans (up to $350,000) to women owners of underserved businesses. By 2030, IT Cosmetics is committed to lending more than $3 million to this important cause.

Confidence at Work is currently a US initiative, with plans to activate in all global IT Cosmetics markets next year. For more information on trust at work, visit


Innovative technology is computing. Our mission is to make the world more beautiful through our products, through our actions, and through our belief that everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel their most beautiful. Developed with the knowledge of plastic surgeons and the ingredient and skincare expertise of dermatologists, IT Cosmetics creates problem-solving makeup and skincare products that give you real results. IT exists to allow you to feel the most confident! Currently available in over 20 countries, IT Cosmetics continues to expand its global footprint.

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The American Confidence Institute (ACI) trains growth-conscious individuals to coach and self-coach using tools and techniques based on brain science. Content used in all online classes, speeches, workshops and an ICF-accredited coaching certification program has been vetted by experts from Harvard Medical School, MIT, Yale, Wharton and dozens of top business leaders. Founded in 2015, ACI has so far trained over 350,000 people and certified over 400 coaches worldwide. Learn more about


Kiva is a global nonprofit that brings people together to invest in lasting impact. Kiva connects individuals, institutional investors and businesses to global opportunities to invest in humanity, when and where it will have the greatest collective impact. With as little as $5, you can help women, refugees and small businesses around the world build a better future for individuals, their families and their communities. Join two million people who have invested $1.7 billion in real dreams and real opportunities around the world.

**KPMG Women’s Leadership Report, 2021

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