Pitlochry: McKays Hotel owners Richard Drummond and Jon Erasmus invest for growth

The owners of a hotel in Highland Perthshire have unveiled a new £1.25million development, underlining their belief that ‘dynamism will return to the Scottish tourism market after Covid’.

The McKays Hotel in Pitlochry, owned by the J and R Group vehicle of hoteliers Richard Drummond and Jon Erasmus, has seen the addition of 12 new contemporary bedrooms and the creation of a ‘reimagined functional 100-seat suite’.

The latest investment, made possible by corporate and bank funding, brings J and R Group’s investment in McKays to around £3 million and increases the number of rooms to 39.

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Hotel owners noted the cost pressures facing the sector, but stressed their confidence in the outlook.

They said construction was undertaken as a “live project” by construction firm Dundee Alpha Projects, who worked alongside architectural and design consultants Dave Phillip and Steve Gibson.

This allowed McKays to continue trading as work progressed during the busy summer months.

Development had been funded before the coronavirus pandemic but had to be halted due to shutdowns.

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Mr. Drummond said: “We have confidence in what we have created here as a product. Our approach has been to continually reinvest in the business, to improve quality for customers. We increased our sales during the last financial crash of 2007/2008 and have grown the business since then. This gave the bank confidence in us as operators and they also saw the impact when we started to grow our portfolio of rooms.

“We are a hotel, restaurant and bar. We also support live music across Scotland and local artists through things like the boutique music festival ‘March Into Pitlochry’. When customers come here, they come for a number of different reasons. We sincerely believe that we offer something that not all hotels have.

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