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Inverell ran 1,260 head of cattle on Thursday with strong bids for the first weaners of the season with Angus heifers earning more than $2,000.

Steers from 200 to 280 kilograms, 238 head, averaged 762c/kg or $1760.63 and peaked at 852c/kg and $2096.

Steers 280-330 kg, 153hd, average 667c/kg or $2052, peaking at 742c/kg and $2193.

The Uebergang family, Blue Knobby Road in North Star, sold 295.65kg Angus steers for 742c/kg or $2194. The family also donated a calf to the Lismore flood appeal with CL Squires and Co agent Robbie Bloch bidding 830c/kg for 150kg or $1245.

Cattle dealer Peter Dunn, Beaufort Valley via Glen Innes, who recorded 52 inches of rain last year in a location with an average of 35 inches, bought Angus/Brangus 293kg for 640c/kg or $1875.

The Lethbridge Brothers, Bingara, sold Angus steer 268kg for 748c/kg or $2004.

Peter and Elizabeth Sandral, Tingha, sold Angus steers at 794c/kg for 200kg or $1588 and heifers, 190kg, for 780c/kg or $1482.

“It was the first sale we’ve had this year with true weaners and prices were strong. It was totally positive,” said Elders agent Justin Oakenfull.

Heifers weaned 200-280kg, 234hd, paid an average of 699c/kg or $1581 and peaked at 844c/kg and $1830.

Heifers weaned 280-330kg, 121hd, average 597c/kg or $1878 and capped at 648c/kg and $2046.60 for Angus 316kg, June/July drop produced by Gary and Robin Brown, Kings Plains Road, Inverell.

One of the volume buyers, agent David Thompson of Halcroft and Bennett, Coonamble, walked away with 100 heads to put on the last summer grasses before moving them to winter forages over the next two month, with the aim of selling in September-October. “It was a solid sale,” he said. “The best-bred cattle sold extremely well.”

Agent shad Bailey, Colin Say and Co Glen Innes said that with steers fetching as much as they were, he expected fewer heads to be kept by breeders who generally want to grow them and instead, more heifers will be retained for replacements.

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