The 108th meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism takes place in Ergneti

ERGNETI, September 23, 2022 – The 108th Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) was held today in Ergneti, under the co-facilitation of Ambassador Marek Szczygieł, Head of the Observation Mission of the EU in Georgia (EUMM) and Ambassador Viorel Moşanu, Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office for the South Caucasus.

EUMM and OSCE representatives welcomed participants’ commitment to the IPRM. The co-facilitators welcomed the temporary openings of the crossing points during the religious festivals of Lomisoba in June and at the end of August. They also assessed as a positive step the announcements that the temporary openings of two crossing points would continue in the last ten days of each month until December 2022, reiterating their calls for the full resumption of free movement across the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) for the benefit of local communities. The co-facilitators took note of participants’ willingness to consider further steps in this regard. They highlighted the situation of the conflict-affected population, highlighting how women, children and the elderly faced particular challenges.

Ambassadors Szczygieł and Moşanu welcomed the recent release of the detainees and called for a humanitarian approach to resolving existing detention cases.

IPRM participants discussed other issues that negatively impact the lives and livelihoods of the population living along the ABL, including access to education, continuation of “borderisation”, as well as access to irrigation and drinking water, a problem aggravated by the dry summer season. In this regard, the co-facilitators underlined the importance of the hotline managed by the EUMM to facilitate the exchange of information on irrigation and maintain regular communication.

The co-facilitators encouraged all participants to adopt a non-confrontational attitude towards any security development along the ABL, while emphasizing the need to continue the effective use of the Hotline to defuse tensions and strengthen trust between participants in the IPRM.

The participants agreed to convene the next regular meeting on November 10, 2022.

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