WildPlay Jones Beach: open for another season of thrills and self-confidence

Obstacles in WildPlay include walking on tigh ropes, climbing cargo nets, flying through the air on rope swings, and much more.

When it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing the ultimate adrenaline rush, little can compare to the incredible adventures on offer at WildPlay Jones Beach, an adventure park on the Jones Beach promenade that takes you out of your comfort zone to experience aerial sensations in a safe environment.

WildPlay Jones Beach originally opened for its current season on April 16 and is now open 7 days a week until Labor Day when they will reduce their schedule to 3 days a week until they close. for the season at some point. November.

Some of the death-defying obstacles (not really!) At WildPlay include walking on tight ropes, climbing on cargo nets, flying through the air on rope swings, jumping on swinging logs, balancing on rickety bridges, and much more. WildPlay is located on the main promenade and can be accessed by parking at field four, although it is also easily accessible from fields five and six. The recommended age is five years and over.

Adam Karp, General Manager of WildPlay Jones Beach, has worked in adventure parks and rock climbing-related industries for about 13 years now, having first discovered tree climbing courses when he was in camp. summer ; later, after returning from college, he ran a climbing gym in Melville called Gravity Vault. Needless to say, climbing and navigating a myriad of obstacles and ropes courses is something he really cares about.

Karp said that WildPlay may seem intimidating at first glance, but for those with the nerve to try something different, they will find rewards not only in terms of mind-blowing fun, but also boosting self-confidence.

“We’re here to help you test your comfort zone and find out what you can do with different types of obstacles, from giant ziplines to a 40-foot drop, among others,” he said. “I’m drawn to this because I love to challenge myself and help people overcome the obstacles that we have, and they can have a really big impact on people outside the park as well. When someone experiences something that they never thought they could someday, it is unlike anything you have ever felt. It’s really metaphorical for life and the things that hold you back… don’t limit yourself or tell yourself there’s something you can’t do.

WildPlay originally opened in 2019, but has unfortunately been forced to cut its 2020 season short due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, with vaccination rates on the rise and positivity rates falling, WildPlay is looking forward to a full season of fun and excitement in 2021.

And for anyone who may experience some trepidation at the thought of climbing a tightrope or crossing a rope cargo net, Karp is adamant that WildPlay puts the safety of its guests above all else.

“Our top priority is making sure that we do everything in our power to prevent accidents, and to that end, WildPlay is actually much safer than many daily activities that you might normally participate in,” a- he declared. “We have an incredible track record and we have never had any big accidents. The safety cables we use to support our customers are capable of suspending a truck, so WildPlay is very, very safe.

And with regard to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Karp notes that being located outside on the beach is a formidable factor in preventing infection; In addition, park staff strictly adhere to all protocols, including masks and face shields, cleaning and disinfection, and the generous use of disinfectant.

“Being at Jones Beach with the wind and everything and the fact that we specialize in transporting people 30 feet in the air makes it very easy to stay away from people who are not in your party.” , did he declare. “We also use all the recommended safety equipment and disinfectants to ensure everyone’s health and safety. “

The thrill of adventure parks and conquering difficult obstacles has been a defining factor throughout Karp’s life, and in being able to achieve the rare goal of being able to do what he loves in life every day – especially in the form of WildPlay Jones Beach – is really a wonderful feeling, he said.

“It’s literally a dream come true… it’s not just that I can do what I love so much, but the fact that I can do it in Jones Beach from all places,” he said. . “I’m a local here – I’m from Farmingdale – so I remember all the iterations of the different playgrounds that were here when I was a kid, and it’s funny that my path over the years takes me back to the house and the biggest playground I can imagine.

To learn more about WildPlay Jones Beach, please visit wildplay.com/jones-beach. Save 20% on zip line bookings after 4 p.m. with the code SUNSETZIP.

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